The Icelandic band Wulfgang is to play at the Midi Festival in Beijing on May 1.

The Icelandic band Wulfgang is to play at the Midi festival in Beijing on may 1.

Icelandic indie rock quintet Wulfgang formed in 2004, and describe their music as "new-age rock with a twist of rebellious hippie-tones and a dash of psychotic sentimentalism." Wulfgang's self-titled debut album will be out soon. The main concept on the album is life and death. Lead vocalist Hugi explains: "Our music is supposed to reflect the full human emotional scale, from anger to happiness and everything in between. We see Wulfgang as our own offspring and we will always portray him exactly as we wish. If we wish to dress young Wulfgang up as a schoolboy in a suit with a neck-tie and a lollypop, we will. And if we wish to shave all his hair off, give him an anarchist tattoo on the forehead and make him throw rocks at the government, we will." Furhter information about the band are to be found on their website:

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