The Asia-Nordic Poetry Activity in China


Asia-Nordic Poetry Activity 2011 was unveiled on 24 October in Beijing with the theme of "Carrying and Crossing: Cultural Heritage and the Path to Modern Poetry".  Organized by China Poetry Research Institute of Peking University, China-Iceland Cultural Fund, the Icelandic Embassy in Beijing, Zhongkun Poetry Development Fund and Japan-China Poetry Development Fund, 20 poets from China, Japan, Iceland, Greenland and Sweden gathered in Beijing and Shexian in Huangshan to hold a number of activities in 5 days, including seminar, panel discussion, poem reading and dialogue on poem and arts.   
The first Asia-Nordic Poetry Activity was held in October 2010 in Reykjavik, Iceland, jointly organized by Zhongkun Group and the Icelandic Embassy in Beijing.  In April 2010, Zhongkun Group invested USD 1 million in setting up the China-Iceland Cultural Fund for the Asia-Nordic Poetry Activity, jointly launched by Zhongkun Group and the Icelandic Embassy in Beijing to promote poetry exchange activities between Asian and Nordic countries.  Each year the Poetry Activity shall be held in one of those countries. 
Ambassador Kristin A. Arnadottir expressed her hope that Icelandic poems shall be known to more people through more cultural exchange activities like Asia-Nordic Poetry Activities.  She pointed out that the year 2011 marks the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Iceland and China.   Iceland has a long cultural heritage and its literal classic "Saga" has an important position in international literature.  During the Asia-Nordic Poetry Activity 2011, it is the first time that Icelandic poems are introduced into China on a large-scale basis.  What is different from the first session in Reykjavik, more young Nordic poets are also present, adding new elements to the poetry and culture development in Iceland and other Nordic countries. 

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