Tapping Geothermal energy for future generations

The utilization of renewable energy is the key to slowing and reversing human induced global warming. It is the key to the solving the energy needs for future generation in a sustainable manner. There is huge potential worldwide for utilizing renewable energy where different approaches must be used for different countries or regions.

Iceland is a good example of the benefits of harnessing renewable energy resources. Basically all electricity and space heating in Iceland is provided by green energy resources, hydropower and geothermal. This is the result of a strong political commitment and long term vision.

The biggest energy challenge in Iceland is transforming the transport sector and the fishing fleet to clean energy. Our vision is to make Iceland fossil free from well to wheel in the future. This will not be achieved without international cooperation and technological development. Therefore, Icelandic government has offered Iceland as a venue for research and demonstration projects for fuel cells and electrical cars.

A strong focus on education, research and training is a key factor. The transfer of knowledge is of paramount importance. Iceland has actively disseminated its experience in the field of geothermal energy, transferring its know-how and expertise to other countries. The United Nations Geothermal Training Program was founded in Iceland three decades ago. It has strengthened the capabilities of more than 40 developing countries and has in China trained and educated more than 75 experts. Iceland and China cooperating together with other countries for the benefit of all is among common goals.

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