Reykjanesbaer City of Iceland and Xianyang city of Shaanxi Province to establish sister city relations


On 12 March, 2012, Mr. Árni Sigfússon, Mayor of Reykjanesbaer city of
Iceland and Mr. Jiang Feng, Mayor of Xianyang, signed the Memorandum on the
establishment of sister city relations between the city of Reykjanesbaer of
Iceland and the city of Xianyang,  Shaanxi Province of the people's
republic of China. Mr. Ragnar Baldursson, Minister Counsellor of the
Embassy of Iceland in Beijing accompanied the Mayor on his visit visit to
Xianyang March 11 - 13. The establishment of friendship relations between
these two cities opens vast posibilities for future exchanges and
cooperation in economy and trade.  In particular, the city leaders
expressed interest for developing further cooperation in the field of
geothermal development and establishing contacts and cooperations between
the Xian-Xianyang international airport and the Keflavik Airport with
Keflavik might serve as a hub for flight connections between Xianyang and
the east coast of North-Amerika. There is also great interest in
cooparation in the fields of education and culture.

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