Apr 4, 2010 Jun 20, 2010 / UCCA Big Hall

Feelings are facts will showcase the first collaboration between the Danish‐Icelandic artist, Olafur Eliasson, and leading Chinese architect, Ma Yansong. Eliasson and Ma will create for UCCA a unique experience through architecture, fog and light. Eliasson is known for his exploration of the human perception, and he often works with light, shadows, color, water, wind, or fog to create a specific environment in order to move us to think about our experience of our surroundings – perceptions we usually take to be self‐evident. Ma's architecture stands at the forefront of new experimentation in building structures, refashioning form in bold pursuits of perfection. Their collaboration is specifically designed for UCCA's big hall inviting the Chinese audience to enter an endless space of fog, with color emanating from fluorescent tubes of red, green and blue. By moving through the space, the colors blend, and so the viewers will endlessly create their own color spectrums.

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