New Epilepsy Consultation Centre in Beijing













A new Consultation Centre on Epilepsy opened today at the Sanbo Hospital in Beijing. The Centre is an initiative of the Sanbo Hospital promoted by the China Association Against Epilepsy (CAAE) and Basic Needs, a UK-based Charity that promotes the treatment of Epiliepsy and mental disorders around the world. An opening ceremony was held at the Sanbo Hosptial on 20 June 2013, where a number of representatives gave speeches, including Doctor Li Shichuo, President of the CAAE, and Zhang Yang, President of Sanbo Hospital. An Icelandic citizen, Erla Karen Magnusdottir, is leading Basic Needs in China while her colleague Sigurrós Xing Yingying read out a statement by the founder of the organisation, Mr Chris Underhill, at the event. Sigurrós is a former student of Icelandic language at the Beijing University of Foreign Studies. Haflidi Sævarsson, Culture and Trade Representative of the Embassy of Iceland attended the event. 




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