Light and Shadows from the North - Caput tours China 18-24 May 2013














The Caput Ensemble from Iceland will be touring in China from 18 May to May 24, performing in three cities, Beijing, Tianjin and Xi’an. The touring ensemble consists of 8 instrumentlists conducted by Gudni Franzson.

The Caput Ensemble has been invited to perform at the Beijing Modern Music Festival 2013 which is in its eleventh year. The Caput Ensemble concert will take place at Beijing Central Conservatory of Music, the home of the festival, on 20 May at 2pm. From Beijing the ensemble will travel to Tianjin to perform at the Tianjin May Festival on May 21st. Going on to Xi’an the ensemble will perform at Xi’an Conservatory of Music on 23 May.

An emphasis will be placed on the performance of works by Nordic composers. Two new Icelandic works were commissioned for the tour and will be premiered in Beijing on 20 May. They are Façade by Haukur Tómasson and / () by Anna Thorvaldsdóttir. Haukur and Anna have both received the prestigious Nordic Council Music Prize for their works as well as Kaija Saariaho from Finland, Rolf Wallin from Norway and Bent Sørensen from Denmark who also have their works presented in China. A solo and chamber work by Jón Leifs will be on the program as well. The Nordic works are juxtaposed with the premiere of a new work by a young Chinese composer, Chen Danbu. His work has also been commissioned on the occasion of the Caput concert at Beijing Modern Music Festival.

A young Chinese celebrated violinist, Chen Xi, will appear with Caput in the concerts in Beijing, Tianjin and Xi’an. Chen Xi gained popularity in China when he won the international Tchaikovsky violin competition 2002 at 17 years of age. He will perform a solo work by Tonia Ko and The Winter by Astor Piazolla with Caput.

The tour is supported by the Nordic Culture Point (Kulturkontakt Nord). The concerts are held in cooperation with the Lin Yao Ji Music Foundation of China and the Icelandic-Chinese Cultural Society (KÍM) which celebrates its 60th anniversary this year. The tour can be followed on the facebook site of KÍM

The Caput ensemble has focused on performing contemporary music since its foundation in January 1988. Caput therefore recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. Caput has received several awards in these 25 year, most recently the 2011 Council of Nordic Composers prize for their contribution to Nordic music. The performances of Caput have been preserved on many recordings and cd labels, e.g. BIS and ITM.

For further information contact:

Kristín M. Jakobsdóttir, tour manager,, +354-846-7816, or

Guðni Franzson, conductor,, +354-862-4913862-4913

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