Images of a melting Icelandic Glacier sent to Tibet

A collection of photographs by an Icelandic Photographer, RAX (Ragnar Axelsson) where presented to the director of the Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research, Professor Yao Tandong, on November 29. They are a gift from the President and the photographer who is renowned for his portrayal of the Polar Regions in his works.

The photographs, which depict the melting of the largest glacier in Europe, Vatnajökull, were exhibited this year in both Shanghai, in connection with the World Expo 2010, and in Beijing, as one of five exhibitions in 751 D Park, under the heading UPBEAT2010. They will be sent to Lhasa in Tibet where they will be exhibited in a newly built exhibition hall of the Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research in Lhasa.

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