Icelandic taught at Beijing Foreign Studies University


Icelandic language and culture is being taught as a minor subject at the Beijing Foreign Studies University this year. A group of fifteen students gathers every Saturday morning to study Iceland and thereby they add another language to their studies, which in the case of most of the students is in other European languages. 
The first group of students to have Icelandic as a major graduated in the Spring of this year after four years of studies. Their teachers were Ms Sóley Wang Shuhui, a Chinese student of linguistics, and Gisli Hvanndal. The students who study Icelandic as a minor subject this winter enjoy the teaching of Ms Sóley Wang.
Beijing Foreign Studies University aims to accept a group of new students, who will have Icelandic as their major subject, in the Autumn of ths year. The aim is that twelve student will be a part of that group.
This past Saturday, the Culture and Trade Representative of the Embassy of Iceland, Mr Hafliði Sævarsson, visited the University, gave a short talk and assisted with teaching. The students were very interested in Iceland and its peoples and asked many questions about living conditions in Iceland. 

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