Icelandic Pavilion opened for Expo soft Opening

The Icelandic Pavilion opened for 4 out of 6 Soft Opening days, during which the Expo Park tested facilities. The interior exhibition of the Pavilion was viewed for the first time by Expo visitors and visitor numbers were counted in the thousands each day. During the heaviest traffic days, cues of more than two hours formed.

Many special friends visited the Icelandic Pavilion during this time.

On Friday the 23rd of April Mr. Andrzej Lysiak, Consul General of the Republic of Poland in Shanghai, and Mrs. Grazyna Lysiak made a courtesy call at the Iceland Pavilion during its soft opening.

On Sunday the 25th of April Mr. Fred Harald Nomme, Consul General of the Kingdom of Norway in Shanghai and dean of the Shanghai diplomatic corps, and Mrs. Evelyne Tissier Nomme made a courtesy call at the Iceland Pavilion.

On Sunday the 25th of April 50 students from Fudan´s University studies program made a special visit to the Iceland Pavilion. The visit is part of a student assignment on how to market the Nordic countries in China.

On Sunday the 25th of April well over 40 members of the Icelandic community in Shanghai participated in the 5th day of EXPO soft opening. The group made a special visit to the Iceland Pavilion where they viewed the exhibition and had traditional Icelandic Sunday waffles and coffee in the pavilions VIP center.

Iceland participated in the soft opening of EXPO during April 20th, 21st, 23rd and 24th.  During these four days of limited opening hours the pavilion received about 25.000 guests.  The Iceland pavilion was one of the first pavilions in the EXPO Park to open its doors to visitors and as a result has received great attention from visitors and media.

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