Icelandic companies in China support the victims of the earthquake

Initiated by members of the Icelandic Business Forum and with the support of the Icelandic Embassy, more than 20 Icelandic companies in China show their empathy towards the earthquake victims by raising funds with the aim of building a new primary school in Sichuan province.

The funds raised have reached the 500.000 RMB target and the Embassy has been entrusted to keep contact with relevant Chinese parties in order to iniciate the project. On the 2nd of July a co-operation contract was signed with The China Youth Development Foundation, who will then be in charge of the building process.

The school is expected to stand as a longstanding link between Iceland and China and is a symbol of the unity the Icelandic nation feels with the Chinese people.

In that spirit the name of the school will be "Binghua Hope Primary School" where Bing stands for Iceland and Hua for China.

It is the hope of IBF members and the Icelandic Embassy that the school will be built on a solid foundation of friendship between the two countries.

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