Icelandic companies attend the Qingdao Fisheries Expo

At the invitation of China Ministry of Agriculture, Ambassador Gunnar Snorri Gunnarsson and Counsellor Axel Nikulasson visited Qingdao on 2-4 November to attend to the China Fisheries & Seafood Expo. The Qingdao Expo is the biggest of its kind in Asia and the 3rd biggest in the world.

The Icelandic companies that participated in the Expo were Reykofinn - Grundarfirdi, Triton, Lysi, Promens, ICP, Icelandic Group and Marel.

During their stay in Qingdao, Mr. Ambassador and Counsellor visited the Expo and met with representatives of each participating Icelandic company. They also held a meeting with the Governor of China Development Bank, Qingdao Branch, to discuss possible cooperation projects with the Chinese bank in Iceland.

Furthermore, at the Icelandic Business Forum reception for its members and visiting Icelandic companies, Ambassador Gunnarsson welcome new members to the Icelandic business family in China , including Icelandic Group (SH), Marel and Fine Grain Seafood.

In spite of the negative influence of global financial crisis on Iceland, the Icelandic seafood sector remains strong in the international market. At an on-site interview with local TV at the Expo, Ambassador Gunnarsson emphasized the strength of Icelandic seafood sector and indicated the great potential of Icelandic seafood in the Chinese market.

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