Icelandic-Chinese Cultural Festival

A Chinese Culture Festival is taking place in Kopavogur with the purpose of introducing to Icelanders the “exotic and alluring world of Chinese art”.

A group of 40 acrobats from Wuhan thrilled Icelandic audience in 4 performances in Iceland this weekend. The group was origianally expected to have three shows, but because of strong demand, an additional show was scheduled.

The group is a part of a delegation of almost 90 artists from Wuhan, taking part in the Icealandic Chinese Cultural Festival, sponsored by the city of Kopavogur and the city of Wuhan. In addition to the acrobats, a wide variety of artists show their craft during the festival, including singers and musicians.

Furthermore, an exhibit of Chinese artifacts, displaying hundreds of items and a photo-exhibit have been set up in Kopavogur. One of the most popular events during the Cultural festival was a work shop by the kitemaker Kong Lingmin in kite-making, an art form that should prove popular in the windy Iceland.

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