Icelandic art in Xiamen

A Chinese-European art gallery was opened on April the 8th at the University of Xiamen in Southern China, celebrating the universities 85th birthday.

From the opening cermonyAmong artists on display was  the Icelandic painter Erro, the Danish sculpture artist Björn Nörgaard, as well as the Dutch artists Karin van Dam and Scarlett Hooft. Only one Chinese artist was on show, the photographer Maleconn. Many guests were at the opening ceremony. Mr. Eidur Gudnason, the ambassador of Iceland to China, gave speech at the event. As well did Mr. Robert de Leeuw the Dutch consular in Gungzhou and Jens Alsbrik the Danish consular in Gungxhou.

Ambassador Eidur Gudnason in XiamenThe director of the Chinese-European artcentre, Ms. Ineke Gudmundsson and her husband, the artist Mr. Sigurdur Gudmundsson, live in Xiamen. On many occations have thay entertained Icelandic artists at their home, currently the sculpture artist Hulda Hakon is staying at their residence.

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