Iceland Tourism Promotion in Chongqing and Beijing


Four Icelandic tourism companies presented their services in Chongqing and Beijing last March 28 and 29, respectively. Around 50 representatives from Chinese travel agencies attended each event where tourism in Iceland was presented by means of speeches, meetings and videos from the “Inspired by Iceland” campaign.

The Icelandic companies present were Iceland Travel, Iceland Excursion/Gray Line, Icelandair and Hotels of Iceland. Representatives from Chinese travel agencies asked questions about individual and group travel, visas, different options for connecting flights, conferences and incentive travel.

According to a survey from The Icelandic Tourism Board based on the number of departing passengers through Keflavik International Airport, about 9000 Chinese tourists visited Iceland last year, which represented a 70% increase as compared to the year before. The Embassy of Iceland in Beijing and Promote Iceland, who co-organised the events, have for over a year now cooperated on promoting tourism to Iceland to Chinese travel agencies and consumers with the aim of increasing the number of Chinese tourist going to Iceland. Up until now, the promotion of tourism to Iceland has been focused on the publication of brochures and participation in tourism trade shows. The recent events in Chongqing and Beijing  provided an opportunity to present Iceland individually as a tourism option  and the Icelandic companies were also able to meet with their Chinese sister travel agencies after the presentations.

In Chongqing, Mr Thorleifur Thor Jonsson, who is responsible for distance markets in the tourism promotion activities of Promote Iceland, had a meet with the Deputy Director of the Chongqing Tourism Bureau. The Culture and Trade Representative of the Embassy, Mr Haflidi Saevarsson, organised the events on behalf of the Embassy.

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