Iceland promotion on China National Radio

On Sunday 18 November, the tourism expert of the Icelandic Embassy, Ms. Isis Cai participated in a live radio program "Wining, Dining, Entertainment & Travel" at the Metro Channel (FM101.8) of China National Radio. The Metro Channel is on of three most popular radio stations in Beijing. It broadcasts exclusively live and attracts around 3 million listeners daily.

During the show, Ms. Cai was asked by the two hosts to inform listeners on Icelandic food, such as seafood, lamb and whale; geothermal energy; sailing on a glacier lagoon, bathing in the Blue Lagoon, visiting Thingvellir the national park of Iceland, watch the power of Geysir, experience the Northern Lights and other notable tourist attractions around Iceland. Furthermore, she was also asked to comment on shopping in Reykjavik, the main characteristics of Icelanders and the three Miss World beauty titles.

The Metro Channel received over 300 inquiries about Iceland within the 1.5 hours following the program. Lucky listeners were presented with a small gift of Icelandic lava from the Embassy.

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