IBF Meeting in Shanghai

An IBF meeting was convened in Shanghai on 25 September 2009, on the occassion of the Hand-over Ceremony of the Icelandic pavilion for the 2010 Shangahi Expo.

The meeting reviewed the IBF operations and discussed various activities for IBF members, including the inauguration of the Binghua Hope Primary School in early 2010, participation in "Made in Iceland" group promotion and Shanghai World Expo 2010, as well as other possible group activities for IBF members.

Proposals on IBF board and general annual meeting were also made at the meeting for further reflection and discussion by the members.

12 representatives from 8 corporate members, including Ossur, Lexus, CCP, Icelandair, Green Diamond, Phoenix Seafood, Geysir Green Energy and the Icelandic Embassy, and 3 individual members attended the IBF meeting. 3 representatives from the Icelandic Expo Delegation were also invited to the meeting to brief the members on the various possibilities the Icelandic pavilion could offer to IBF members.

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