Handover ceremony for the Icelandic Pavilion

A handover ceremony was held Friday 25 September, 2009, where Mr. Huang Jian Zhi Deputy Director General of Shanghai 2010 World Expo, handed over the Icelandic pavilion to H.E. Gunnar Snorri Gunnarsson, Ambassador of Iceland and Commissioner General for Iceland at World Expo 2010.

Following the ceremony, Iceland will start modifying the Icelandic pavilion to the design of architect Mr. Pall Hjaltason and his design team lead by Plus Arkitektar and Saga Film. The exterior of the pavilion will present images of ice, in reference to the country's name and its Chinese version (Bing Dao, literally Ice Island), conceived on back-lit printed fabric. The basic idea of Iceland's exhibition is to transport visitors to Iceland, its untouched nature and urban life through a cinematic experience. Detailed material and pictures provided by Iceland 2010 Expo.

Iceland will focus its Expo participation on renewable energy, knowledge industry and tourism under the theme “Pure Energy – Healthy Living.” The main objective of the Icelandic pavilion will be to strengthen friendship between Iceland and China, as well as introduce Iceland’s nature, culture and business enterprises. Planned events related to Iceland’s participation include:

His Excellency, the President of Iceland will be an honorary guest on the Icelandic special national day at the Expo, which will take place on 11 September, 2010. He will lead a business delegation organized by the Icelandic Trade Council.

Icelandic energy companies, in cooperation with Icelandic engineering firms, will introduce how Iceland uses clean renewable energy and how they are involved in geothermal projects in various locations around the world.

The Icelandic Design Centre will introduce contemporary architecture and design.

Icelandair, Icelandic Tourism Board, Reykjavik City, Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, along with Ministry for Foreign Affairs, will cooperate to introduce Iceland as a destination for Chinese tourists.

Bureau for Icelandic Music Export will introduce Icelandic music.

Iceland is cooperating with the other Nordic countries in introducing the image, nature and culture of the Nordic countries.

The staff of the Iceland Pavilion will include volunteers from the Beijing Foreign Studies University, all of whom are in their second year of studying Icelandic.

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