Grand opening of Huidong Fine Grain Sea Products Co.

Ambassador Gunnar Snorri Gunnarsson attended the grand opening of Huidong Fine Grain Sea Products Co., Ltd. in Guangdong Province on 22 May 2009. Over 100 people attended the opening ceremony, including officials from Guangdong Oceanic & Fisheries Bureau, Huizhou City, Huidong County and representatives of investors. The company’s chairman is Steindor Sigurgeirsson and its CEO is Johannes Hermannsson.

Fine Grain Sea Products Co., Ltd. is the first China fish farm with the most advanced water circulation technology, thus enabling the farm to breed cold-water species like turbot in the warm water in Southern China. The factory-like and environmentally-friendly circulating water culture model provides high yield in unit area, strong controllability in disease damage and excellent product quality.

Fine Grain is co-invested and operated by an international team of investors and professions from Iceland, China, Chile, France, Senegal and Denmark. Its current annual production of 400-tons is expected to increase to over 1,000 tons in the near future; all aimed at the high-end segments in both Chinese and international markets.

Ambassador Gunnarsson also met with officials from Huizhou City who invited him for a visit at a convenient time in the future.

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