Day of the Icelandic language

Ambassador Gunnar Snorri Gunnarsson hosted a reception in honour of the Day of the Icelandic Language on 16 November 2008. Chinese students that are studying Icelandic at Beijing Foreign Studies University were the guests of honor. Teachers and administrators from BFSU as well as Chinese that have mastered Icelandic, attended the reception.

The Icelandic language Department of BFSU was established this September and currently 15 students are studying the language full time. These students will without a doubt become very valuable to the future development of Iceland-China relationship.

Ambassador Gunnarsson encouraged the students to work hard and presented them with Icelandic books and memerobilia. The students showed their appreciation by delivering the poem “Iceland” by Jonas Hallgrimsson, whose birthday Icelanders celebrate on the Day of the Icelandic language.

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