Day 1 in Iceland Pavilion

The Icelandic Pavilion opened at 9:30 in the morning. The Ambassdor of Iceland to China, H.E. Kristín A. Árnadóttir, along with the Chairman of the Organizing Committee, the Commissioner General and Architect of the Iceland Pavilion welcomed the first visitors who received a special bag containing gifts from the sponsors of the Iceland Pavilion including cosmetics from the Blue Lagoon, water from Iceland Spring and the special commemorative plate of the Icelandic Pavilion produced by Bening Chaozhou Ceramic Industries, a Chinese partner of the Icelandic participation.

In total, the Icelandic Pavilion received 10.398 visitors on the first day of the Expo, a record high for the Pavilion.

Among dignitaries that visited the Pavilion on May 1 was the Finnish Minister for Economic Affairs, Mr Mauri Pekkarinen along with a delegation of 30 government officials from Finland. Others included Mr Cahit Kıraç, governor of Izmir Province in Turkey, Mr Jorge Ferran, representative of Barcelona to Expo 2010.

The Picture accompanying this photo shows H.E. Ambassador Kristín A. Árnadóttir, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Icelandic Expo Participation Mr Pétur Ásgeirsson, Commissioner General of the Iceland Pavilion Mr Hreinn Pálsson and the Architect of the Iceland Pavilion, Mr Páll Hjaltason receiving the first guests at the Iceland Pavilion.

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