China-Iceland Arctic Fox Mission on top of the world

A 9 member Icelandic-Chinese expedition to the North Pole has reached its destination. Using the “Arctic Fox” as the symbol of the mission, the mission is conducted under the banner slogan of: “China-Iceland North Pole expedition for Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development..”

The expedetion takes place in the 40th Anniversary year of Chinese-Icelandic diplomatic relations held this year. Featuring a series of high-level exchanges and cultural activities both in Iceland and China, the Anniversary Year is an opportunity to look back upon the good cooperation between the two countries in business, culture and international relations.

The expedition said this about finding the polar point itself: "Strange as it may sound finding the exact North Pole can be a challenge, even with a GPS. Sometimes it is possible to look for 5 or 10 minutes within a 20 square foot area! There is no sign or post marking the spot (it would drift away in a few minutes) and all the while that a person is looking for 90.00.000 N to appear on their GPS the ice beneath them is in constant motion. Thus, it is like searching for a precise location while on a moving treadmill. It makes it all the more special when the GPS flashes that special number 90.00.000. The North Pole".

The members of the mission reflect a number of milestones in the good relations between the two countries. It is the first Icelandic-Chinese mission to the North Pole. It includes one Chinese, and two Icelanders, who are all former classsmates at Peking University in the late 70s and early 80s. Two of them from each of the two countries have their sons with them on the journey. Born in the mid 80s, they are in all likelihood the youngest Icelandic and Chinese individuals ever to reach the North Pole. An Australian citizen and three guides are also taking part.

The Expedition left for the Pole from the Russian Ice Station of Borneo at 89°N roughly one week ago after undertaking preparations at Svalbard, Northern Norway. Eventually, they travelled about 110 km over the glacial ice to reach their destination.

Minister Counsellor Ragnar Baldursson of the Icelandic Embassy in Beijing is one of the members along with his colleague Hjörleifur Sveinbjörnsson, who is a translator at the Translation Department at the Icelandic Ministry for Foreign Affairs. They are both classmates with Mr Huang Nubo, a Chinese poet and entreprenuer.

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