China and Iceland sign agreements on geothermal and geoscience cooperation and in the field of polar affairs

On the occasion of the official visit of the Premier of China, Mr. Wen Jiabao to Iceland Foreign Minister Össur Skarphéðinsson and Mr. Xu Shaoshi, Minister of Land and Resources signed a Memorandum of Understanding between Iceland and China on geothermal and geoscience cooperation in developing countries. The two countries have agreed to develop geothermal cooperation in the fields of mapping, reconnaissance exploration, conducting pre-feasibility studies and undertaking exploration drilling in developing countries that have yet to undertake these tasks. Also, Iceland and China will support developing countries in establishing the right conditions for investment and development of specific energy projects that result from successful exploration drilling programs.

Furthermore, the MoU gives China an opportunity to engage in the development of geothermal energy projects led by Iceland and the World Bank aimed at enahancing energy production in the East African Rift Valley for the benefit of the people of the region.

Foreign Minister Skarphéðinsson and Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi signed a Framework Agreement on Arctic cooperation focusing on arctic research and navigation. A Memorandum of Understanding was also signed by Minister Skarphéðinsson and Minister Liu Cigui on cooperation in the field of marine and polar science and technology between the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Iceland and the State Oceanic Administration of the People´s Republic of China as part of the Framework Agreement. The Agreement and the MoU will create more opportunities for cooperation between Icelandic and Chinese scientist in the fields of glaciology, climate research, arctic navigation and marine affairs as well as other fields of polar research.

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