Binghua Hope Primary School reconstructed with help from IBF Members

The 500.000 RMB donation to reconstruct a primary school, made by IBF Members after the devastating Sichuan earthquake, has now been allocated to the Wande Village Primary School in Huidong County, a remote area at the border of Sichuan and Yunnan Province.

The Wanda Village Primary School, was seriously damaged in the earthquake and was deemed to be unsafe as a school. The reconstruction is financed by IBF through the China Youth Development Foundation and the local government with IBF paying more than half of the total cost.

The school of Wande Village was built in 1993 with 175 students and 9 teachers at the time of the earthquake. The number of students is expected to rise to over 220 with 10 teachers in the coming 3 years.

According to the draft agreement between China Youth Development Foundation and the Huidong Government, the school will be in operation for at least 10 years. The local government will set up a special team to oversee the re-construction of the new school.

This project was initiated by IBF members and is being carried out by the China Youth Development Foundation, who will follow the progress closely and inform IBF members of all developments of the construction. This gives IBF members an opportunity to provide input to the planning and re-construction of the school.

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