Audur Capital makes a difference:

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Audur Capital makes a difference:

Women today came together in Beijing to discuss the success of a women development project in Qinglong County, Hebei Province, sponsored by Audur Capital.

BasicNeeds is an international mental health NGO that was happy to encourage Icelandic bank Audur Capital to support a local Chinese organisation called Rural Women.  One of their project focuses on preventing suicide among rural women in China. Suicide rate in China is among the highest in the world and it is the only country in the world where females have a higher suicide rate than males.  The project is focused on training local female leaders to organise female groups that have become very influential in their communities. They have been very successful in reducing the suicide rate, but also tackling other tough social issues in China, such as providing care for the elderly and improving education among village children.

Today was a special event: a group of women from Qinglong County were in Beijiing for a four day training programme.  The opportunity was used to gather together strong female leaders to participate in a discussion forum, titled “ From Women to Women”.   The event was supported alongside Audur Capital, by the Embassy of Iceland in Beijing and UNICEF, where the event took place. 

It was great opportunity for strong female leaders to come together. Regardless of if they were from Iceland, England, China’s big cities, or small villages, all the speakers had that in common that they were strong leaders and role models for other women. It was an inspirational day for all who were involved.  Mao’s famous saying was repeated more than once during the event, “women hold up half the sky” , and that was certainly true with this group of women.

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