Artworks from Iceland on display at CAIE

Two works from Iceland were put on display at the China Art Industry Expo last week. The pieces are created by two reknown artists from Iceland, both women. They are Gudrun Kristjansdottir and Inga Svala Thorsdottir, the latter living in China partially. Gudrun draws inspiration from nature and the changing seasons in Iceland. For her work, she has studied the patterns of snow that remain in the mountains of Iceland during Spring and captured these in various media. The two oil painting on display by Gudrun are called Remains of Snow I and Remains of Snow II.  Inga Svala also challenges nature and its elements. For her work BORG, she mapped out the sunlight during different times of the year in Iceland and thereby captured an observation of the long daylight of summer and darkness of winter. There are four works from the BORG project by Inga Svala on display at the exhibition.

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