An agreement was signed yesterday between the People's Government of A Er Shan Municipality, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, PRC and Enex Kina ehf and Sinopec Star Petroleum Co. Ltd.

shr.bustadurThe President of Iceland, Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson was present at the signing ceremony at the Residence of the Icelandic Ambassador to China.

The agreement mandates the Icelandic-Chinese partner, Enex Kina ehf and Sinopec Star Petroleum Co. Ltd to assist the authorities in Inner Mongolia to initiate and compile geothermal survey and planning to thoroughly identify the spread, reservoir, development, preservation and utilization of geothermal resource in A En Shan region. Both Parties agree to take into full consideration of the characteristics of A Er Shan region while cooperating on geothermal development and utilization, with an emphasis on building up indoor heating system, greenhouse agriculture and geothermal electricity generation.

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