Ambassador's New Year visit to Dalian

The delegation held talks with Dr. Xia Deren, Mayor of Dalian and participated in New Year's celebrations organised by the municipality. The celebrations included such traditional Chinese elements as getting diplomats and municipal leaders together to make dumplings.

Dalian is one of the most dynamic cities in China and has gained the reputation of being one of the most advanced in fostering a harmonious relationship betwen industry and nature. Icelandic companies in the field of shipping and fisheries have established offices in Dalian (Eimskip, Samskip , Phoenix, Icelandic) and there is a small Icelandic community there.

Several graduates of the Dalian Fisheries University have graduated from the United Nations University Programme based in Iceland and last year Rector Li Hong Ming and Vice Rector Yao Jie of the Dalian University visited Iceland and participated in a conference on international trade in fisheries held by the University of Akureyri. Mr. Tumi Tómasson, Director of the UNU Fisheries Programme also visited Dalian last year.

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