Agreement signed on geothermal development in Xiong County

Ambassador Gunnar Snorri Gunnarsson and Counsellor Axel Nikulasson attended the signing ceremony of a Geothermal Development Agreement in Xiong County, Baoding City, on 28 September. The Agreement was signed between the three parties, the Icelandic Geysir Green Energy (GGE), SINOPEC New Star and the Government of Xiong County in the presence of Mr. Ambassador as well as leaders from Baoding City and Xiong County. It gives GGE and SINOPEC exclusive rights to geothermal development in Xiong County.

At his speech at the signing ceremony, Ambassador Gunnarsson applauded to leaders of Baoding City and Xiong County for their vision and leadership in utilizing green and renewable energy for the benefits of environment, economic development and people's livelihood. He reviewed the extensive cooperation between Iceland and China in the geothermal field, confirmed the firm support of the Icelandic government to on-going geothermal cooperation between GGE and SINOPEC and expressed his best wishes for the great success of this project in Xiong County.

The geothermal development in Xiong County is the second cooperation project between Iceland and China. With rich geothermal resources and the strong force of GGE and SINOPEC, Xiong County has set an ambitious goal to build itself into a "smoke-free county" in China.

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