A working visit of the President of Iceland Mr. Olafur Ragnar Grimsson in China September 4-15.

The President arrived in Beijing on September 4 for a working visit in China that will continue until September 15. The day of arrival he met with China’s Vice-Foreign Minister Mme. Fu Ying.  Afterwards he and representatives from Icelandic geothermal companies had a meeting with local authorities from Xingan City of Inner Mongolia concerning cooperation on geothermal matter.  In the evening he then traveled to Yunnan which is rich with geothermal resources.

 5th September, the president met with Bai Enpei, secretary general of CCP in Yunnan as well as other leader from Yunnan government where they discussed the possibility of joint efforts of utilizing geothermal resources.  Representatives from Icelandic companies attended the meeting as well and continued discussion with potential collaborators in Yunnan afterwards.  Later in the day the President visited Yunnan Provincial Earthquake Department where he met its leaders.

 6th September, the President visited the Glacier Observation Station at Baishui-river situated by Yulong Xueshan in Lijiang where he had a talk with Chinese glacier researchers about the effect of global warming on Chinese glaciers and tundra.

 7th September, the President participated in the U. N. World Investment Forum in Xiamen where he was one of the key note speakers. There he had a meeting with Xi Jinping Vice-President of China where they discussed the good relations between the two countries. From there he traveled to Shanghai where he will be guest of honor at the Icelandic national day of EXPO on September 11 as well as key note speaker at the Clean Energy — Cutting CO2 Emissions Conference at the Icelandic Pavilion on September 9.

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