6th Conference of the Joint Icelandic Chinese Economic and Trade Committee

The sixth Joint Icelandic – Chinese Economic and Trade Conference took place in Iceland 6th of September 2007. The Chairman of the Chinese delegation was Mr. Yu Guangzhou, Chinese First Assistant Minister of Industry and Commerce, accompanying him were public officials coming from the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Affairs, along with the Chinese Ambassador of Iceland along with other civil personnel from the Chinese Embassy in Iceland.

Chairman of the Icelandic delegation was Mr. Grétar Már Sigurðsson, Permanent Secretary of State. The Icelandic delegation consisted of Mr. Gunnar Snorri Gunnarsson, the Icelandic Ambassador in China along with public officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, the Ministry of Communications along with civil personnel from The Directorate of Fisheries, Directorate of Labour and a representative from the United Nations University for Geothermal Programme.

The main topics were the bilateral economic and trade relations between China and Iceland concerning fisheries, geothermal energy, high-teck industry, tourism and culture. Furthermore the delegation talked about the development on the Free Trade Agreement between Iceland and China and the increasing interest of companies from both countries to build up and foster new business opportunities.

Following the Conference a contract was signed between Vodafone Iceland and the Chinese telecommunication company Huawei concerning the purchase of equipments and technology for the future development of long-range mobile phone network in Iceland. At the same time a declaration of cooperation was signed between the Trade Council of Icelandic and the Business development office of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce.

After the 6th Conference of the Joint Icelandic – Chinese Economic and Trade Committee a meeting was held between Mrs. Ingibjörg Sólrún Gísladóttir, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Mr. Yu Guangzhou, Chinese Vice-Minister of Commerce. The main topics for the meeting were bilateral issues concerning commercial and cultural exchange and the Free Trade Agreement between Iceland and China. Great emphasise was placed on the continuing cooperation between the two countries.

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