Icelandic Designer wins Forum Aid Prize

The Icelandic Designer Katrín Ólína was handed over the Forum Aid Prize earlier this week for her Cristal Bar interior design in Hong Kong. The Forum Aid Prize is among the most renowned within design and architecture.The prize is granted during the Stockholm Furniture Fair and Stockholm Design Week which formally starts today, the 5th February.

In recent years design has grown into being a vital part of Icelandic modern culture and identity. Icelandic design often draws on the island's unique geology, national traditions and individualism, which is one of the distinct characteristics of Icelanders. At the same time, due to high level of international education of Icelandic designers and architects, Icelandic design is simultaneously very international as well as local.

Katrin Olina is the second Icelandic designer to win a recognized prize this year. Steinunn Sigurdardottir, fashion designer, with her label STEiNUNN, was granted the respected Nordic Söderberg prize for fashion design in 2008. Katrin Olina's and Steinunn's accomplishments serve as a great encouragement for Icelandic designers and architects in general.

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