Hulda Stefánsdóttir The Neutral: in Motion

As part of the interdisciplinary Núna Festival taking place in Winnipeg from April 20-30, Plug In presents an all-new installation by Icelandic artist Hulda Stefánsdóttir. Her work has been exhibited around the world, and was recently featured in The National Gallery of Iceland and ASI Art Museum in Reykjavik. Known for architectural installations mixing painting, photography, drawing, and video, Stefánsdóttir shapes gallery space to meditate on the effect (and absence) of colour. From the austerity of black and white, to the lushness of flesh tones, to the enigma of greys and neutrals, she creates quiet, mysterious niches of visual poetry. In her words, "?The works; paintings, photographs, Xeroxes, drawings on paper, and motion projections on the wall, are of variable sizes. They are combined on the wall as a fragmented whole. Like the fragmented glimpses that make up our experiences; the erratic memories of events and places; always incomplete and never whole. The Neutral is put into motion?. The provocative neutral calls everything into question. It frustratingly defeats any one explanation. There is no conclusion." Núna is a ten-day convergence of art between two faraway but not dissimilar places: Iceland and Manitoba. Isolated, strange, cold and hermetic, each breeds their own distinct brand of creativity and imagination. Núna celebrates these creative energies, represented in a series of Icelandic/Canadian music, film, dance, visual art and theatre events across Winnipeg.

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