Statue commemorating Sigtryggur Jónasson unveiled

On Saturday, October 20th, a statue of Sigtryggur Jónasson was unveiled in Riverton, Manitoba commemorating the Icelander as a national historic person.

Sigtryggur, who was born in Öxnadalur in 1852, immigrated to Canada in 1872 and helped establish the 'New Iceland' settlement on the west shore of Lake Winnipeg, in what is now Manitoba. His role in founding and maintaining a thriving Icelandic-Canadian community in Manitoba ensured him amongst other things a seat as the first elected leader of the self-administered Icelandic community.

The dedication Sigtryggur demonstrated for his community and country in Canada was extraordinary and one which all Canadians of Icelandic descent can be proud of.


MP James Bezan's speech at the unveiling of the statue

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