Iceland and Canada among the most peaceful countries in the world

The newly published Global Peace Index of 2012 from the international research organization Institute for Economics and Peace places Iceland and Canada among the four most peaceful countries in the world.

While Iceland remains the most peaceful country for the second successive year, Canada rises four spots and sits comfortably in the fourth slot of the peace index which measures 158 countries on 23 indicators. Canada's rise is partly due to fewer casualities in external conflicts. In fact, its the second year running that Canada edges closer to the top, having been in 14th place in 2010.

The measures of safety and security in Iceland, including violent crime and internal conflict, ranking up very low scores certainly do the country no harm, but the lack of military presence in the country is the number one reason given for their entitlement as the most peaceful country in the world.


Global Peace Index 2012 Report

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