Passport renewal for Icelandic citizens

The Embassy in Ottawa does not have the technology available to accept applications for a renewal of Icelandic passports. In dire need, the Embassy can issue emergency passports to Icelandic citizen that need to get back to Iceland, where they can apply for a renewal of their current passport. It should be noted that emergency passports are not ideal travel documents.

Our Consulates across Canada cannot extend the validity of passports, but can issue emergency passports just like the Embassy.

In which Embassies is it possible to apply for a renewal?

As an Icelander abroad, you can apply for a renewal in the following Embassies: Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, London, Berlin, Washington DC, and Beijing.

Lost or stolen passports

When you receive your passport it is advisable to make a photocopy of the first page or take note of your passport details. This information should be kept somewhere safe, and away from your passport in case it is lost or stolen.

If your passport is stolen in Canada or abroad, you should immediately report the loss to the nearest police station. You also need to report a loss of your passport to the issuing authority. The Icelandic Embassy in Ottawa can help you by issuing a temporary travel document.

Please note that if you find your passport after it has been reported lost or stolen it can no longer be used.

Biometric Passports

As of May 17th 2006 Iceland started issuing new Biometric Passports. Biometric passports are just like traditional passports with the difference that they contain an electronic chip that is encoded with the same information found on page 2 of the passport. It also includes a digital picture of the bearer's face.

The addition of the electronic chip to the Icelandic passport increased security, provided greater protection against tampering and reduced the risk of fraud.

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