Icelandic Consulates

Honorary Consuls in Central America

Icelandic consulates are located in each province of Canada. In each of those consulates an Honorary Consul can be contacted when questions or difficulties concerning Icelandic nationals arise. The main role of the Icelandic Honorary Consuls abroad is to protect and further the interests of Iceland and Icelandic nationals as appropriate. Honorary Consuls are private individuals who take care of their tasks on a part-time basis without remuneration.

Furthermore, the embassy has jurisdiction over eight Central and Southern American countries. However, honorary consuls are not to be found in all of those countries. If any questions arise regarding the countries an honorary consul is not located, please contact the embassy. On the left margin you find information about the Canadian and South American consulates respectively.

Please find below contact information for the Honorary Consuls in Central America, accredited to the Embassy of Iceland in Canada.

Central America

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