Sturla Böðvarsson, minister of Communication and Transport, signs the eCall Memorandum of Understanding

A High Level delegation of Iceland, lead by the Minister of Transport and Telecommunications Mr. Sturla Böðvarsson and the Ambassador of Iceland Mr. Stefán Haukur Jóhannesson, joined Commissioner Reding after the Telecommunications Council to sign the eCall Memorandum of Understanding in presence of the representatives of the Finnish Presidency.

On the signature event, Mr. Böðvarsson stated: "We are convinced that eCall will help save lives and therefore fully support the Commission in all its efforts to realize this service. We are please to be able to demonstrate our commitment by now handing over a signed declaration of two key players in the chain of starting eCall service in Iceland. We firmly believe that we will have required facilities for eCall in place as a part of a Pan- European eCall service in due time to the benefit of road users including Icelandic citizens and the growing number of tourists". The Minister informed that two other eCall MoUs have been signed by Icelandic organisations: Neyðarlínan hf, the Icelandic PSAP, and New Development á Íslandi ehf, company specialised on in-vehicle equipment.

The Minister expressed also the Icelandic support to the Intelligent Car Initiative, and in particular to eSafety as example on how Information and Communication Technologies can serve to the benefit of the society. Commissioner Viviane Reding, who had called on Member States to commit towards the implementation of eCall and sign the MoU during the presentation of the 3rd eCall Communication, congratulated Iceland for joining Finland, Sweden, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Slovenia, Cyprus, Switzerland and Norway in the growing list countries that have signed the MoU. "This is an important step towards the implementation of the pan European eCall service. I welcome the commitment showed by the Government of Iceland and other Icelandic organizations to advance on its implementation. I hope that other European countries will follow your example soon. eCall is for the benefit of all European citizens!."

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