Reykjavík to Rotterdam - Icelandic Cultural Festival

Reykjavik to Rotterdam 2007 presents a fascinating look at the current Icelandic music scene, with 12 performances in 3 days. The program is two-fold: Icelandic Alternative Pop will be hosted at Lantaren/ Venster; and Icelandic Alternative Rock will be hosted at the Waterfront. The Reykjavik to Foundation is proud to have been able to put many young rising artists on the program, most of which have never played before in Holland, and some have never performed outside of Iceland.

Apart from these interesting new sounds for curious ears, will theclosing concert be in the capable hands of Múm. After a CD-siclence of more then 3 years is Múm back at the top of the Icelandic alternative pop scene, with a new cd ("Go go smear the poison Ivy", expected release date the end of september 2007) and a new female lead singer. It seems that Múm has shaken off the years of gloom and is eager to look at the world with a bright shining smile. To kick off their european tour they will perform (exclusive for Holland) at Reykjavikto Rotterdam.

For a complete overview of the total program we kindly refer you toour website:

Reykjavik to Rotterdam is an initiative of the Reykjavik to Foundation. Reykjavik to Rotterdam has been made possible by Icelandair, Art and Culture department of Rotterdam, Trade Council of Iceland, VSB Fund, the Prince Bernhard Culture fund, Samskip, Icelandic Music Export and Visit Reykjavik.

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