Results of the General Parliamentary Elections in Iceland

The two governmental parties, the Social Democratic Alliance and the Left Green Movement, won a majority in Saturday’s general elections. They now hold 34 out of 63 mandates in parliament, the Althingi, and have already begun negotiations to form a new majority government. Before the election they formed a minority government, supported against a vote of non-confidence by the Progressive Party, and held only 27 mandates. The two parties increased their mandates by 7 in the elections.

The SDA got 29.8% of the vote and is now for the first time the country’s largest party. The Left Greens won 21.7%, which is a 7% increase since the last elections.

The Independence Party, right of center, and traditionally the country’s largest party, lost 12% support from the last elections and is now the second largest party in Parliament, with 23.7%.

A new party, the Civic Movement, got 7.2% of the votes and 4 MPs. The Progressive Party increased its share from the last elections and now enjoys 14.8% support. Other parties did not manage to reach the 5% threshhold.

Women increased their representation in Parliament and are now 43% of MPs, which is amongst the highest ratios in the world. Out of the 63 representatives in the Althingi, 29 are newcomers.

Turnout was high, 85%.

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