New Europe info site for Icelanders

This important project, , is funded by the Althingi (the Icelandic Parliament) and run by the Online Science Forum of the University of Iceland in collaboration with the Althingi. The aim is to provide objective, factual and credible information about:

1. European history and the development of the European Union (EU).

2. EU legislation and legal practice within the EU.

3. The structure and institutions of the EU.

4. EU policies and strategies.

5. EU Member States and their positions on particular issues.

6. Iceland´s application to the EU and the potential impact of the country’s membership.

The website also provides an intereactive space where questions from the public can be answered in a rapid and straightforward manner.

The editor in chief of the website is Thorsteinn Vilhjálmsson, Professor emeritus of Physics and the History of Science. The editorial assistants are Erna Bjarnadóttir, economist, Margrét Einarsdóttir, lawyer, and Sverrir Jakobsson, historian. The executive manager of the site is Jón Gunnar Thorsteinsson, editor of the Online Science Forum of the University of Iceland, and the webmaster is Guðmundur Dadi Haraldsson. Other employees of the website are Vilborg Ása Guðjónsdóttir, MA in International Affairs, and Thórhildur Hagalín, MA in European Studies.

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