Minister for the Environment meets EU Commissioner

The Icelandic Minister for the Environment, Ms. Jónína Bjartmarz, met with Stavros Dimas, the Commissioner for Environment on 28 February 2007.

At the meeting the Minister and the Commissioner discussed climate changes and the coming negotiations on measures against greenhouse gas emissions when the Kyoto Protocol expires in 2012.span>

The Minister introduced the new policy formulation of the Icelandic government and it’s aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 50-70% until 2050 and what measures the government proposes to attain this goal.

The Commissioner said he was content with the new policy of Iceland in climate issues and the implementation of the Kyoto Protocol in Iceland. He underlined the importance that the Icelandic know-how in the utilization of geothermal energy would be accessible and used around the world. That would be of help in the battle against climate changes. span>

 The Minister emphasized that treaties regarding climate issues negotiated after 2012 would entail a more extensive solidarity on measures than in the Kyoto Protocol. In order to get results in reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the world, all industrialized nations and at least the biggest development countries had to make commitments and reduce emissions in the next period. span>

Finally they discussed the EU directive on greenhouse gas emissions trading and in particular the foreseen amendments to include missions from air transport to and from the EU Countries from 2012. span>

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