Meet the poet: Sigurdur Pálsson at Transpoesie – International Poetry Evening

Sigurdur Pálsson, one of Iceland‘s most celebrated poets, will read from his own work at the opening of the international poetry event Transpoesie at Bozar in Brussels on the 25th of September along with five other European poets (from Belgium, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania and Sweden). 

The poets will read in their native languages while translations into English, French and Dutch will be projected at the same time.

Besides many theatre plays, novels and translations, Sigurdur Pálsson has also published numerous books of poetry. Some poems have been translated into twenty languages such as Bulgarian, French, Italian, Spanish and even Bengali, Hindi and Arabic. An extensive selection of his poems will be published in English (ARC Publications) in 2014. For further details on Pálsson, please visit the website of Transpoesie: .

During the evening at Bozar, singer Filip Jordens, known for his acclaimed Jacques Brel programme, and guitarist Jokke Schreurs will perform a musical interpretation of poems by Charles Ducal, Belgium's first National Poet.

The event will start at 20:00 on the 25th of September. For tickets and more information, please visit the website of Bozar: .

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