Information center for the public, businesses and the media

Due to the special circumstances on the Icelandic financial markets the Government of Icelandic has decided to open an information center for the public, businesses and the media, both in Iceland and abroad.

The purpose of the center is to receive enquiries by telephone or email, addressed to the Icelandic authorities regarding the current circumstances. The center receives queries and either addresses them directly or forwards them to the relevant administrative body.

The Media Center that has been in operation for the last week will continue to operate as needed. Media queries will be forwarded to the Media center. In addition the service and information website run by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Security will continue to operate on the website of the Government Offices of Iceland at:

The center is open between 8:00 and 22:00 each working day and can be reached by telephone, +354-545-8950 or email:

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