Icelandic Minister of Social Affairs in Brussels

Magnús Stefánsson, the Icelandic Minister of Social Affairs, visited Brussels last week together with a delegation. The purpose of the visit was to review regulations concerning free movement of workers, in particular with regard to the enlargement of the EEA, as well as a new EU directive on free movement of people inside the EEA. The Minister met with officials from the Icelandic Embassy in Brussels as well as with experts from the EFTA Secretariat and the EFTA Surveillance Authority.

In addition the Minister visited the EU Commission where he was introduced to the ongoing debate in the EU regarding rules on posting of workers in the services sector and the new EU guidelines regarding the implementation of the directive, which has been implemented into the EEA Agreement.

The Minister also met with Ms. Elisabeth Schroedter, a parliamentarian of the European Parliament, who has been highly critical of the Commission’s interpretations of the rules regarding posting of workers and has presented her points of criticism to the EP.

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