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Icelandis a small country near the North Pole with 307.000 inhabitants.
The island is well known for its spectacular and authentic nature.
Icelandis a geologically young land, located on the Iceland hotspot and the Mid-Atlantic Ridge which makes it an open geological observatory. It is highly geologically active with many volcanoes, Geysers and geothermal power and is an open geological observatory.
Glaciers crown the highest mountains and in the valleys below grow the most delicate flowers.
Icelanders take a lot from their homeland, cold at first sight but if you dig a little deeper under the surface warmth lies in wait.
Nature is a constant hotspring for ideas and inspiration; in literature, art and crafts.
The last year´s crisis has been an upswing for the creational spirit of artists and designers who have searched and found the roots of their old culture and created for us a new world.

The most in-vogue icelandic designers decided to get together and sell their design via the icelandesign e-shop. The choice is big; you can buy clothes, ceramics, icelandic wool products, fish skin jewelry and bags as well as cosmetics made from the icelandic flora. The webshop ships from Iceland to Europe and America.

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