Iceland´s Contribution to the EU´s Green Paper on a European Maritime Policy

The Icelandic government has submitted its comments to the EU´s Green Paper on a European Maritime Policy. As stated in the comments, "Iceland welcomes the EU´s Green Paper, Towards a Future Maritime Policy for the Union, and the EU´s intention to develop an Integrated Maritime Policy. It is important to address the various aspects of policy relating to the sea in a holistic and ambitious manner, as the EU has done with the Green Paper.

Iceland suggests that the cornerstones of an integrated Maritime Policy should be:

-A strict and deep-rooted commitment to sustainable utilisation and management of marine resources based on the best currently available scientific knowledge and the protection of the marine environment;

-A forward-looking, market-based competitive strategy (as opposed to a defensive strategy) within an acceptable international trade and environmental framework, in order to develop a strong marine-based economic sector in fisheries, shipping and tourism (including all related supplies and services), based on cutting-edge technology;

-A high-quality coastal living environment based on proud marine cultural traditions where adaptability, flexibility and resourcefulness in innovation, supported by technological development, are the key drivers of sustainable development in coastal communities."

For the full text of the comments, please see:

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