Concert with the Icelandic-Belgian quartet Mógil

On Thursday 5 February at 18.00, the quartet Mógil will perform in the EFTA-building on Rue Joseph II, 12-16, B-1000. The Embassy of Iceland, The Icelandic Association in Belgium and the EFTA Art Committee invite you to the concert.

Mógil is a Belgian-Icelandic act comprised of Heiða Árnadóttir (vocals), Ananta

Roosens (violin), Joachim Badenhorst (clarinet/saxophone) and Hilmar

Jensson (guitar). The quartet compose their own songs, which are

either matched to old Icelandic folk texts, or comprise new lyrics

similarly written in the folk style.

In the fall of 2008 they released a CD called Ró, in Iceland and the Benelux countries.

They have been playing in Benelux and also participated in the Jazzfestival of Reykjavík and Iceland airwaves.  

Ró was chosen the third best CD of the year by Morgunblaðið and is nominated for the Icelandic Music awards in the category best Contemporary CD of the year of 2008

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