Concert on Valentines day at the residence of the Icelandic Ambassador in Brussels

Stefán H. Jóhannesson, Ambassador of Icealand in association with the EFTA Group of the Association Femmes d´Europe organized a Valentine concert at the residence on 14 February, where Bára Grímsdóttir, a singer and composer and Chris Foster, a singer and guitar player, performed Icelandic and English traditional songs. All profit from the concert that was held at the Ambassador’s residence, will be donated to charity.

Bára Grímsdóttir has been performing the traditional songs of Iceland for many years.  She grew up surrounded by folk songs at the family farm Grímstunga in Vatnsdalur in the North of Iceland.   Bára has special interests in the old “rimur” and “kvæðalög” styles of song, but she is also knowledgeable about and performs songs in a range of other traditional forms, both secular and religious.  She has performed widely with Sigurður Rúnar Jónsson and Njáll Sigurðsson and as a member of the group “Embla” in Europe, North America and China.

 Chris Foster grew up in Somerset, in the south west of England, where he first heard and started singing traditional songs.  Over the past 30 years he has performed all over Britain, Europe and North America establishing a reputation as a fine and distinctive performer of English traditional songs.

 Chris and Bára met first in England in October 200 where Bára was singing at the Baring-Gould Folk Festival in Devon, and they started to explore the possibilities of combining his open tuned style of guitar playing with the modal melodies of Bára´s Icelandic songs.  Over the past 5 years Bára and Chris have performed at festivals and concerts and on radio in England, Scotland, Ireland, Belgium, Hungary, China and the USA as well as Iceland. In June 2004 they released the acclaimed CD Funi.


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