Tónleikar hljómsveitar Hugar 15 október 2017 í Bratislövu, Slóvakíu

An exceptional combination of “music of island“ and “music of The Little Carpathians“.

Icelandic band Hugar and Slovak music group Ecetera Band are going to perform a collective concert on 15 October 2017 at A4 – Space For Contemporary Culture.

It is said that Iceland is the country of ice and fire and so is the authorial production of a Nordic post-rock duo Hugar from township Seltjarnarnes. A young duo Bergur Þórisson & Pétur Jónsson, who will visit Slovakia for the first time, will introduce their latest album as well as the songs from their eponymous debut album. Their music will astound you by its ethereal guitars, subtle piano and elegant strings. Their debut was described by British daily newspaper The Independent as an enchanting neoclassical album.

Instrumental music of Hugar will stimulate your imagination, lull your mind and vibrate your heart. By the way, the word “hugar“ means “mind“ in Icelandic.


The concert will start with Ecetera Band from Bratislava. They will perform their winsome musical stories in progressive rock style enriched with original video projection of some home and foreign artists – Martina Šperková (SK), Claire Paugam (FR), Petra Rybánska (SK) and Aleksandra Śnieżek-Markiewicz (PL). The composition of vocals, piano, flute, violin, cello and drums will bring musical poetics which can talk to the listener in its original language and which produces even a cinematographic impression.


Laura Lovišková – piano, composer
Jana Maria Stefancic – flute
Klára Zbožinková – violin
Kristína Smetanová – vocals
Lenka Novosedlíková – xylophone, chimes/glockenspiel, electronics
Marcel Petráš – cello
Peter Čaputa – drums, bass


Entrance fee: advance tickets – 6 EUR 

(advance booking will be launched soon), tickets right before the show – 8 EUR

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